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Mauva is the creative web development studio of Mike Thomas.
I specialise in bespoke PHP application development for start-ups (see OnSite and Nylllon), and also provide content-managed sites to a range of clients and design agencies on a freelance basis.

People's Music Store

Mauva's Mike Thomas worked as CTO with Ged Day, founder of Bleep.com and Warp Films, to create People's Music Store - a revolutionary "peer retail" mp3 download service (now sadly gone).

Together with Ed Underwood, our label manager, we worked to launch the service in 2008 at the height of the global financial crisis.

PMS was a massive and ambitious undertaking. It was a Rails build (handled by Dan Webb, now of Twitter fame), and at it's height we were moving and ingesting nearly 20 terabytes of music through the system, Apple were our competitors, and we gave away 10% of each sale to our devoted storekeepers.

Unfortunately, in the backdrop of the climate in which we launched, further investment was not forthcoming.