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Mauva is the creative web development studio of Mike Thomas.
I specialise in bespoke PHP application development for start-ups (see OnSite and Nylllon), and also provide content-managed sites to a range of clients and design agencies on a freelance basis.


OnSite was founded and built my myself (Mauva's Mike Thomas) and Paul Macgregor over the course of 2012-2013. The idea was formed out of the frustration of finding quality talent via recruitment consultants. Although there are some good, honest, hardworking recruiters out there, many would provide poor quality candidates, or worse, misrepresent them entirely and then charge a large fee for the privilege. We knew we could do better.

OnSite is an enterprise-level application built with a few of our favourite tools - Codeigniter, Mandrill, Linode and lots of whisky.


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